Why Us?

We offer individuals and families an integrated approach to in-depth wealth management. Working with the clients’ attorneys and tax professionals, we develop personalized, cohesive wealth management strategies that the client can understand, and more importantly, act upon.

We begin with a review of each client’s financial situation, preferences and goals. Whether working with a family, a company or a business owner, we review the client’s balance sheet to understand the nature of their assets and the risk presented by holdings such as illiquid assets, real estate and business equity. This information and analysis forms the basis for recommendations that directly address each client’s income and growth expectations and seek to “manage around” the risk on the client’s balance sheet.

We also explore a wide range of financial initiatives including investment and tax planning, retirement, estate planning services, and philanthropy.

Acting on the belief that there are many innovative and effective wealth management approaches available for those who are willing to think a little differently, Lanyon Advisory Services continually seeks to leverage underused opportunities to preserve and grow our client’s wealth.

Our fee structure is flexible and dependent upon the work that we perform. We can charge by the hour, an asset-based fee or a % of profits – if we don’t make you money, we don’t get paid.

Lanyon Advisory is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm located in Solana Beach, California.

Meet the Lanyon Advisory Team

Why Us?

Lanyon Advisory provides personal and business financial solutions to executives and entrepreneurs of rapidly growing companies.