Such a Cool World We Live In

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Such a Cool World We Live In

Who cares about the knuckleheads at central banks – they are screwing the pooch in a royal fashion.  So many wonderful life changing technologies are emerging its a wonderful time to be alive.

Two things that caught my attention today – “poo water” and 3d printed houses.

Bill Gates was on Fallon talking about his poo water, how they have been able to take human sewage and convert it into water and electricity. This will change the lives of millions of people for the better.  Great video.

Fallon and Gates

3d printing of houses will be another breakthrough in improving the quality of lives in the emerging and frontier countries.  A company in China built an 11,840 square foot villa in 3 days! The total cost was $161,000.  Remarkable.

3d Printed Homes

These are an example of the innovative use of technology to solve basic problems for large numbers of people in poor countries.  I’m still bullish on the Frontier and Emerging markets, this is where GDP per capita income growth has the potential to be greatest.  It is difficult to invest in some of these frontier countries as their capital markets are still rather undeveloped but they still bear watching and dabbling in.

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Damien Lanyon

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